Select your need from quality control levels of heavy equipment:

  • “As is, where is” lowest possible price in ex-works at site condition
  • “Full-washed-Inspected-Repaired” in good working condition
  • “Approved used” in perfect working condition on great value for re-sales
  • “Rebuilding” fully refurbished using original (or OEM) parts, with customization possibilities
  • “Unused” bulk purchases and pre-ordered machinery to reduce cost and avoid long lead-times

As is, Where is

The “As is” machine is a low cost alternative if you want to carry out inspection and repairs by yourself. The machines are supplied for sale in ex-works at site condition.


It is a good choice if you wish to have a second-hand machine for an attractive price. The machine goes a thorough examination and inspection, and we will repair if required. This option can have the advantage of prompt resale.

  • Workshop inspection
  • Repair as required
  • Quickly available for resale


The Approved equipment range of premium quality machines are appointed from used stock with highest condition. The known history and thorough process we apply provide you with both peace of mind and value for resale. The machines go to the following process in workshop:

  • History check
  • Full-wash and cleaning
  • Multi-point inspection
  • Check that all drive train components are within the manufacturer’s tolerances
  • All undercarriage, tires and wear parts are 60% or above
  • Bodywork repaired as required
  • Scheduled maintenance carried out
  • Pre-sale inspection


Refurbish machine can be even more efficient than new one. We, in some cases, upgrade and rebuild equipment using today’s advanced technologies. All components can be replaced, and it is also possible to have customized requirements for your specific needs.

  • Full cleaning and strip-down
  • Inspection and evaluation of each individual component
  • Frame, drive train, bodywork, wear parts, undercarriage pass through workshop for
  • Rebuilding or replacement
  • All rebuilt, replace components, blasted and painted Reassemble and test
  • Multi-point check carried out after pre assembly
  • PDI (Pre-delivery inspection) by our engineers and technicians before deliver


The “unused” equipment is from bulk purchases, pre-ordered, and special offers from manufactures and other sources of machinery with zero hours in operation. It is a good way to reduce cost and avoid long lead-times. Unused machine will be a good choice as top-condition equipment.


You have questions or you want a detailed advice? We will be happy to assist! Please contact us at info@bluetrack.co.kr and you will receive the required information without obligations