Court Auction

Find a suitable machinery to bid with our expertise

Information opens a few weeks before the auction. We provide as much as possible information on each machine. Check the details, photos, and compare similar items side-by-side.

Inspect on-line

Check the details though a set of information note on photos, history, current owner, way of the maintenance, required parts of replacement, and then compare similar items side by side. For added confidence, visit the on-site to test and inspect the equipment before you buy, or send knowledgeable someone to do the inspection for you.

Evaluate and calculate the value of machine and decide the appropriate price

You can place a possible price for equipment while we advise you of the selling price. Only highest bidder will take the unit from Korea court of auction here but you can take minimum bidding price into consideration.

We will bid for you

We bid on your behalf, up to and including the maximum amount you specify. Your purchase will be obtained at the lowest bid possible. And all the process still now is going without any deposit or fee.

Find out if you're the highest bidder

If your bid is the highest bid, we will inform you of the result and provide you with a sales contract. We will do the extra works if you need any repair, test, repaint or replacement of parts even completely refurbish under your advice.

Shipping Schedule

We’ve partnered with multiple shipping companies to bring you into the best transporters at the lowest prices. The shipping cost will be presented upon selection of machinery list.

Pay and collect your purchases

When your invoice is paid in full before delivery, you can collect your purchases and put them to work!

If you have any questions while you're looking at an excavator, ask one of our representatives by phone, email, or in person. We're here to help!


You have questions or you want a detailed advice? We will be happy to assist! Please contact us at info@bluetrack.co.kr and you will receive the required information without obligations