“People are most important” we treat our customers and employees like family. BlueTrack will be the best no.1 company focusing on a machine only for you. We push, we lift, we haul, we build, we dig and we dig deep.

BlueTrack is known for reliability, competitive price and quality of services. When you choose BlueTrack for your heavy equipment and construction machinery needs, our world-class customer service and product support includes the following advantages:

National Chain Stock linked into all over the country

We are building the all-around stock information system which is covering plenty of machinery in S.Korea which makes you connected all equipment located in Korea through easy and comfortable access.

Equipment inspected/Repaired/tested

Machines are inspected, repaired, and inspected at every corner of movement

Experienced Team

Our trained team can carefully assess the scope of your project and help you choose the right equipment you need and support every requested works for your business

Trained Technicians

Technicians and mechanics are trained specialists on-hand to evaluate, discuss and get to know every piece of construction equipment we handle, inside and out

Post sales & Service support

There is a reason 90 % of our business comes from repeated customers. We work tirelessly to deliver impeccable customer service.

Global Shipping Capabilities

From coast to coast, Europe, Asia, Africa, America, or anywhere in between, we deliver for you.


You have questions or you want a detailed advice? We will be happy to assist! Please contact us at info@bluetrack.co.kr and you will receive the required information without obligations