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We provide outstanding solutions based on our unmatched problem-solving abilities, endless creative work, and world-class competitiveness.

BlueTrack delivers solution that can instantly send ripples through the machinery market in today’s fast-changing business environment and can be readily put to use on the frontiers of heavy equipment. We are striving to propose a machine and service that add greater value to clients’ business and job site as a whole, while also pointing to the optimum directions for clients to overcome their challenges.

We are now prepared to reach new heights to clearly stand apart from our past footsteps as well as our competitors. We will continue to move forward to bring our vision of “Machinery That Move” into reality. We will be your best global machinery partner running to your goals at the forefront of change and shaping a better future for all.

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Quality Control

Serves as a history of the growth of Korea’s earth-moving equipment industry. We will continue to challenge ourselves, reach out to consumers across the globe, and set new standards at the forefront of the industry throughout the future.

Different from used equipment dealer here, who simply buy & sell, Bluetrack has extensive abilities to secure most of equipment and also test, inspect, repair and completely refurbish used machinery.
To make it easier for clients to choose the best suited heavy machinery, we have defined quality control levels in the SQC management system.


Equipment Management

BlueTrack is a leader as a distributer of Korean machinery in global heavy equipment markets. With our customer oriented minds and qualified employees, we are creating new and success stories every day!

BlueTrack supplies a variety of services to effectively serve clients.


Court Auction

Proxy biding in Korea court of auction is a great alternative if you want to buy unused or used equipment at a competitive price. You can bid from a remote location after inspection with us.



You have questions or you want a detailed advice? We will be happy to assist! Please contact us at info@bluetrack.co.kr and you will receive the required information without obligations